My list of Publish plugins

Some months ago I moved my blog and created it using Publish by John Sundell. It was a really good experience made better by some community plugins. Today I want to share the plugins I used so anyone getting started with Publish can use them if needed.

Getting started with Omnifocus automation

I’ve exploring OmniFocus Automation during it’s beta and I wanted to share the first steps to get started with this new awesome feature.

Automating deploy of your publish site to github pages

I have already shared how to get started with Publish. Today I’ll share how I’m automating the deploy process using Github Actions and how it enabled editing from my iPad.

Introducing SwiftyPods: generate your podfile using Swift

I wanted to create a Swift command line tool for months and finally I found the need. I just published it as an open source package available in homebrew and mint , a tool to generate using a Swift DSL your CocoaPods podfiles. I’ve learned a lot and I’ll try to share some of the details of the development process.

Getting started with publish

I just moved my blog to github pages using Publish and the first steps were consusing and difficult. John Sundell built an amazing tool, but a one man effort can't solve and document everything. I will write a series of posts about Publish trying to explain all the details to get a website up and running using Publish.

Moving blog again

I’ve moved my blog again after just a few months with a good reason.

My Journey from RxSwift to Combine

Some days Ago I decided it was the perfect time to start trying Combine by introducing it into my latest project and this is the story on what issues I’ve found, what I have learned and what I had to fix myself.

Introducing KitchenOrder

Today is a great day. After some days of talking with Apple review team, I got my next app approved, KitchenOrder. When I work on apps after work I use to work on apps I want to use. I use my knowledge to help with the problems I have but this time I’m releasing something different, in this case, the app was planned to solve a problem for my father.

Realm Type-Safe update

A few days ago, at work, my colleague informed me about an issue we were about to solve. He had to update a Realm object property as easy and as fast as possible because that process will happen tons of times. To do it he was about to use Realm Key-value coding and also the partial update option.

How YNAB changed my life

I’ve been trying to write this post for months, but important things take time and YNAB has been one of the key parts for some years. I discovered YNAB listening to a popular Spanish podcast a few years ago when I was working as a freelance and I was struggling to get my economy under control. Having to save VAT each quarter while living in Madrid paying all the expenses was really hard and each month there were new surprises usually related to the car. Ynab changed my life and in this post I'll explain why.

Tracking your site metrics without sacrificing​ user privacy

After having my blog up and running there was one piece missing, I didn't have any kind of tracking so it was impossible to know if people were reading me and what were they reading. Looks impossible, doesn't it?

Using portainer to manage container station

Today I want to share another experience with my NAS, in this case, I'll talk about how to replace container station with a better alternative called Portainer. As you may know, I've played with docker on my Qnap NAS. This has to lead me to hate container station software. It has too many limits and issues so as one of my experiments I wanted to find a replacement to it. The best replacement I've found is portainer and as always, when you know what you want the steps to do it are a lot easier.

Running a website from your Qnap NAS

The first proper post of the blog is something I don't do frequently: playing with the web. In this post, I'll explain how after some hours I got the blog running with a custom domain and SSL using docker in a qnap NAS. The process should work on any NAS (with Synology it could be even easier) but I'll explain it using the Qnap process.

Getting text size on iOS

Calculating size of texts is one of the most common questions when you start working on iOS. Soon you need to calculate the size of some UI element and frequently that includes text. I explored some of the ways to do it and here I give some insights from that exploration.